“I Want To See Mountains Again”

Ah! Mountains! Mountains have been the one part of nature that never fail in making my heart beat that one extra beat. I get a sense of homesickness when I look at a landscape with snowcapped mountains in the distance.

Now, I don’t get out much. I haven’t seen much of the world other than through the television or pictures. I’m following a bunch of outdoorsy people on Instagram and my heart swells when I see what others get to experience. (follow suggestions are below)

Why don’t I go out and see the mountains, you ask? My answer won’t be good enough for anyone so I’ll skip that for now. (ain’t I just a stick in the mud?)

When it comes to writing, or my lack of it, mountains almost always come to mind. It’s where I want to be. It’s what I dream about. Rivers and woods and crisp, cold, fresh air. I’d love to wake up in a small cabin beside a (natural) lake with a hot cup of coffee and a blanket on my shoulders. I’d stand out on the edge of the lake with my lips pulled into the most contented smile.

I feel like that’s happened in my life before. Like I’m reliving a 479488215memory, but I can assure you, I have not been to that place that my mind’s created. I wonder if it really exists sometimes but then I see pictures of the Smokey Mountains and the Rocky Mountains and I see a little edge of lakes where I’m sure would be the place I would stand and appreciate all the nature around me.

This makes me wonder about other people. Do you ever get that sense? That image in your mind that you’re sure is the one thing in life that would make you happy? That one memory of something that you know didn’t actually happen, however the clarity of it is mind-numbing?

I need more people like this in my life. People who can stand beside me in silence on that lakeshore and appreciate what the world has to offer. No pain. No gossip. No feelings of offense. Nothing but the wind in the trees and the smell of pine and smoke from a campfire.


I want to see mountains.


Here are some Instagram accounts I follow that inspire me. Or just make me sob because of the pure beauty of what they see.





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