Imagination Inspiration


This poster hung on my wall from age 11ish to 18. I spent most of my time in my room with my aromatherapy candles and incense burning, my lights off, my blinds closed, and music playing in the background(see youtube link below).

I would stare at this poster for hours, imagining myself walking along the rocks and trees on the side. I would imagine going to sleep in this world and waking in the world depicted on the poster. I would wander and explore, this music playing ethereally from the temple ceiling. I was writing poetry back then but I tried my hand at writing stories, too. I had a story in mind about a girl waking in such a world with nothing but her name and the clothes on her back. She didn’t know how she got there or where “there” even was. She got off the rocky shore and started to wander, trying to find a way to cross the water. As she’s exploring the world, she meets a boy who is just as her. No memories. No idea of how he got there. They find as they travel together that their memories return, a little at a time, until they come to discover that they are both actually in a coma…and just a room away from each other.

That’s as far as I got this with story. It eventually morphed into what is now The Voices of Jaydür. The idea is still something I can very much work into a separate story and is something I still often think about but have too little – plotwise – to work from.

It’s nice to have something there, though. A memory from the good, old, innocent, beginner-writer days that’s never left me. It means it’s a part of me and who knows… maybe that something is a story I can bring into the world with remarkable success one day.


Track 8 – Legend –  is the song that touched me the most when I was in this stage of early writing:


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