The Geek Effect


I think about this often. Why? Because I am surrounded by people who do not understand the mind or ways of a geek. They don’t care. They look down on me and my people. When I belt out a laugh that sends an entire restaurant looking in my direction over a Lord of the Rings or Firefly reference, the whispers soon follow. And I am in no way exaggerating this.  I laugh, I quickly cover my mouth – because the volume of my laughter shocks even me – and I notice from the corner of my eye a number of people leaning in to their neighbor’s ears…eyes on me. I look them in the eye, shrug with an “oops”grin on my face and move on.

It’s at times like these that I realize how much fun I have in this life compared to those who point and laugh and mock. That’s their fun. To tear people down. To feel greater and more important. To focus so much on their outer image…while I’m on the other side of the room with my heart warm and my cheeks hurting from smiling so much.

Why is it that people choose to live their lives under a microscope? To be looked at, admired, judged…though they’re hoping to be judged in the positive sense, but still. People who won’t buy anything but brand name clothes or accessories. People who can’t walk out of their homes without looking like a million dollars. I know so many people like this. They can’t enjoy a day of their life without leaving room, or looking, for judgement. Their enjoyment comes from ogling stares and the material things that show off their money.

Ok. That’s how they want to live their life… I’ll try to understand. Go for it, if it makes them happy. But don’t expect the world to know what the heck Burberry is or how to pronounce “Couture.” I don’t ask anyone to speak Klingon or explain to me what the Tardis is.

Give me shirts with the Batman logo. Give me socks with Darth Vader at the knees. Give me silly fun that has no hurtful or degrading effect on those around me. Give me laughter and quality time in the living room or movies like Star Trek or Star Wars or something that can be discussed without turning to talk of judgment on other people.

The greatest fun is running into a complete stranger and connecting on a fandom. It happened at the Renaissance Festival this year with a Port’o’Potty vs Tardis reference that a random woman behind me heard and responded to. She was so excited that there was someone there who knew her fun.

Why bother making life negative and upsetting yourself by stressing out over things that are just material? I haven’t met a geek yet that focuses on how they look at all times. Yes, of course image matters but not to the point some people make it. Yes, of course being respected and having self respect matters but not to point that it rules your life and blinds you to fun. Yes, taking things serious  in life is part of life but it shouldn’t rule anyone’s life.

Sometimes I just want to go out on my street and yell, “RELAX. For the love of all that is good and pure in this world, RELAX. Take a joke. Kick your $120 shoes into the air. Smear your lipstick. Guys, gather some lint on your pants and shake your hands violently through your perfectly gelled coif.”

join-a-fandom-and-die-with-feelsHave FUN. Do something fun. Connect with people on a silly level. I would propose everyone on the planet join a fandom. Find something to geek about. There is no negativity in geeking besides from those who don’t understand it.

There is always going to be negativity by raising yourself up – even by those who are with you. You don’t see that in geekism. You’re a geek. The other geek is happy you’re a geek. And you geek off together. Life goes on. Laughs are had, smiles are made, and life was well worth living.

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