Meet Nahtaia

Happy Tuesday, you dweebs!

*tee hee* I can’t even say “dweeb” without thinking of a character from Nahtaia: A Faery’s Tale named Dweegen.

Anywho, to make up for my random and useless post last night on Archai, I shall introduce a character that most may find more interesting. Why? Because her story is actually something out and about for the public to read!

How I imagine Nahtaia looks

Nahtaia is a mix between the class clown, the troublemaker and the drama queen. She’s
quite a conundrum, this little lady. She has a knack for attracting negative attention and basically causes trouble everywhere she goes. She’s like Tinker Bell on a magic high, with no sense of self control when she gets worked up.

In my world, Jaydür, every faery has an ability and Nahtaia’s ability happens to be the strongest and most intense – distortion. She can change things. Their shape, size, color – anything and everything. She’s uber powerful but uber immature and quick to act on her emotions. She also has quite a way with feigning innocence. Well, maybe it’s not feigning – she believes she’s innocent! She can do no wrong, okay?

“You frog-legged, bee-hinded, mangy mound of cow-cud!” She cried.
“You’re really good at that.”
“Of all the horrible things you’ve done to me, you could not have chosen anything worse!” she went on.
“Oh please,” Oren said with a scoff. “what horrible things? I haven’t done anything!”
Nahtaia gasped in exaggerated surprise. “What about the time you pulled me into the bee’s hive down by Silver Lake?”
“I fell back-”
“You did not!”
“-after you threw a leech at me!”
“Don’t exaggerate, it was a worm.”
Oren’s eyes widened in utter surprise at Nahtaia’s denial. “It was a leech! It took an hour for me to finally get it to let go! I still have the scar,” he said as he lifted his shirt and pointed to a fading, white scar beside his left ribs.
Nahtaia bit her lip and narrowed her eyes. “That’s not real.”

Nahtaia charms everyone for just about anything. A minotaur ruins her mushroom circle? She charms him to dance until he passes out from exhaustion. A dog nips at her? She turns it into a pig.

In Nahtaia: A Faery’s Tale, it’s because of her actions and her lack of self-control that gets her stripped of her wings and magic. What’s a faery with no wings and no magic? Four inches of crazy.

Check out Nahtaia’s story here!

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