On Silliness and Inadequacies

I’m a silly person.

Everyone who knows me will tell you this – though, depending on the person, the severity of the silliness varies. I encourage others to be silly – to laugh things off. To laugh at themselves. It’s important to be able to see yourself fail or fall, laugh, then get up again.

These days, the world is so saturated with negativity and dangers and threats of war and loss and suffering. People can’t wake up and look forward to life, seems like. Stress is the new black. Everyone is anxious. Everyone has some form of emotional disorder or mental instability.

Is there any positivity in the world? Heck, yes! But whatever people are doing that’s positive, it’s just being ignored by the media – and good God, we are run by the media.

Negativity has always been there but I think media has forced negativity to our eyes for so many years now, that we’ve become accustomed to it, and we can’t even react to the positive anymore. So we’re all stuck in this macabre cycle of bad things and stories that we now have these negative expectations, so it’s what we respond  best to now – it’s what we seek out in the news. The more we seek out the negative, the more the media will bring it.

Why can’t this happen with the positive?

Why can’t we put the positive out there and the silly and the warm happenings from around the world and get the next generation used to seeing these things instead- turn that cycle the other way around and get our kids seeking more positive than negative?

I wish more people would be out there laughing loud enough to turn heads – to make silly faces at the kid sitting at the next table in a restaurant – to ask questions, no matter how silly they may sound – I wish parents would teach their kids that they don’t have to be perfect.

People need to realize that making a mistake doesn’t make you stupid or useless or any less of anything. Losing a baseball game doesn’t make you worthless or not good enough. Stuttering because you’re excited and unable to get your words together on the 20160403_195834first try doesn’t make you an idiot. I do that, and I’m almost 30 years old. I trip over my own feet. I fall as I go up the stairs and bruise my knee to ridiculous shades(see proof to the right). I bite my own tongue when eating chips to the point of drawing blood and my eyes are tearing but I’m laughing at myself. I literally side swipe corners and hit my head on cabinet doors and have pencils flying out of my hands when I’m not even doing anything. Do I get embarrassed? A little. Do I make light of my own situations? YES. I call people to tell them the latest stupid thing I’ve done. Not because I feel “cool” about it, but because it lessens the stress of my own inadequacies.

I’m still alive. I can enjoy doing things without fear of risking any “reputation” or humiliation. If we’re so afraid to look anything but high and mighty and perfect to our peers, we are going to be drawn to others inadequacies to compare ourselves to. To make ourselves feel better at the expense of others. And then here we are again…searching out the negative – for comparison. And the negative will continue to be thrust into our faces.

Of course there will always be the serious times in life where we need to focus and regain our bearings to be safe and healthy throughout our lives, but we can’t let that rule us. The world needs to relax and to learn that the more positive outlook we have in everyday happenings – especially embarrassing ones – the easier we’ll be able to handle the big problems in life. We’ll all make mistakes but it’s up to us how we’re going to react and handle ourselves. Are you going to run and hide in shame because you, ladies, twisted your ankle in your heels? Or will you meet the eyes of everyone who witnessed the moment and laugh then whip out some, “I think my feet want my nose better acquainted with the concrete?”

Mistakes are not the end of the world, but it seems like fear of mistakes is running the show. We all need to stand up straight and let the world laugh at how imperfect we are and we need to laugh with them. It may not seem like such a big step, but all that fresh positivity in a world swimming in the negative would be a ripple of change. And that’s what the world is always asking for, isn’t it?

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