How To Make Your Life Suck Less

Some reminders this Saturday.

The past is the past. The present is here for you to do what you will. The future is dependent on what positivity you will allow and how you except inevitable disappointment.

Life really sucks if you let it – if you look at all your past mistakes and let negativity ferment in your heart and mind.

Smiling is a daily decision.

Negativity is your choice.

Every day will bring something new – something to smile about and something to cry about. Sometimes both. But that’s life. You do amazing deeds and you do stupid things. In the end, it’s how you move forward and learn from your mistakes and experiences that matters. Will you allow yourself to be made sallow by rejection or disappointment or anger or pain? Then that’s your choice. Will you smile and laugh and find joy in your day-to-day even if your job is dull or your home is falling apart or you’re sick with a life-altering disease? Then that’s great. You’re on your way to being successful in life.

Life is a struggle. Experiences aren’t there to scare you or intimidate you or make you want to hide away in a dark hole where no one will know who you are or what you’ve done. They are there for you to learn something from. Patience, self-discovery, wisdom as you make your way through life, self-discipline, self-respect, humility. Respect for others. Forgiveness. Inner strength.

The darkest of times can teach you all of those things and more but you have to be able to accept responsibility for your own life and actions then decide what needs to change for things to get better and for yourself to grow. We can’t take our dark times and struggles and blame them on all those around us, wallowing in self-pity for all our lives. That will make us sickly…depressed…angry…and everything else no one should have to suffer through for years on end.

I’ve seen so many of my friends – in life and even on Facebook – struggling day to day to day.

Rent. Jobs. Relationships. Diseases. Depression. These struggles are running the lives of everyone I know. And each person is suffering more than the next. Everyone is so focused on the bad and scary and negative. Everyone needs to stop! Everything has an answer. Everything CAN get better. Your fear is only a feeling. It’s not an object or spirit stopping you from bettering. That’s YOU. You are making your own choice to sit in fear or depression or anger or confusion.

Now don’t think I’m just talking out of my butt, here. I’ve been going through my own difficult times most recently. Things you wouldn’t believe…but not many would know it. Why? Because I close my eyes daily, accept what’s going on, take a breath and move forward. I choose to not let negativity or anger or fear or guilt control me. If I did, what hope would there be in the future? Why would I even bother with life?

I could die tomorrow. I could die tonight. Any of us can. So what would being afraid of current circumstances in life do to help? Nothing. Fear would only hold me back and in the dark where there is no hope to get better or to become a better person.

Make your choice to smile. Make your decision to live.



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