Leave Reviews – AS A READER

One thing I’ve noticed from within my writerly world is that writers leave reviews like writers. They talk about plot and character development and…and plot. And the flow of writing and voice and things like that.

And plot.

I, too, am guilty of this. To be honest, I just recently came to realize that this is happening when reading a review on a writer-friend’s book. I stared at it and wondered how the heck that review was supposed to be helpful to readers – readers that are not writers.

Then I went through other reviews of books written by my author friends and I SAW IT EVERYWHERE. Readers would look through the reviews and be just as stuck as they’d be if there weren’t any reviews at all.

Readers don’t care about these things. At least, not in the way we writers do. Readers just want to know if the story is good. Is it worth buying? Is it sad? Is it whimsical? What kind of book are they considering buying? Does the story move fast enough or are you completely confused in the beginning? …Not character development or the proper usage of grammar.

I think this is something we writers need to keep in mind. Ask your readers for reviews as readers, not writers. Reviews are not the place to be critical, are they? Are they not the place to help others decide if the book is worth buying?

I suppose this could go into, “well, I’m the kind of reader who needs perfect grammar” and blah blah blah but generally, not everyone is like that.

Just my though for the day.


  1. I totally agree. One thing that struck me with books is people seriously do not care about sentence structure or grammar. The majority of top selling books are written at an elementary school level. You can write like crap as long as the story is good. Anyway, short and sweet with basics is a good rule of thumb.


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