Accuracy in Fantasy

Let’s talk writing.

In my latest youtube video, I talked, briefly, about how some in the literary world believe everything you write — that takes place on Earth — needs to be accurate. Historically accurate, geographically accurate, etc.

As I have said, my current work in progress takes place in England — but it’s a fantasy. The time period would be a mix of medieval and the 1800’s. Can I do that? Yep…because it’s a fantasy.

Also, there are mountains in England. Apparently, that’s not geographically accurate. Good thing I’m writing a fantasy!

Strangely enough, it’s ok that I put dragons in England but by God, not a mountain!

“Why don’t you just rename your world then? Why don’t you rename the lands?”

Why should I? Why is the mountain important enough to change but the giant, fire-breathing lizard/dinosaur isn’t? Why don’t I just change my dragon into a dinosaur? That would be more accurate.

Because I want my story to take place in Earth. I want there to be a sense of familiarity to the world. I don’t want it to be an entirely strange and unknown place. And because it’s a fantasy and fantasy has no limits!

When did accuracy even begin to matter in fantasy? That completely defeats the purpose of it.

Am I right or am I right?

Of course I’m right. I’m a redhead.

-L.F. Oake/Goblin Queen


  1. You’re absolutely write. When we create a world, whether it’s on Earth or elsewhere, it’s ours. We put whatever the heck we want to in that world. Ever After takes place in a town that doesn’t exist in Tennessee. I guess I’m in trouble too. It’s a paranormal romance. It’s fiction, so that should be okay, shouldn’t it?

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