Excerpt from Nahtaia: A Jaydürian Adventure


Though Nahtaia is a tale of Jaydür, it reads much differently than An Ogre’s Tale and Bounty of the Everdark. It’s much lighter, and the language is a lot more…contemporary. But, there is never a dull moment.
I’d like to share a little snippet from Chapter 9, which I think will give readers a pretty good idea of what to expect from this story.

     The trio looked up just in time to miss the first swing of the axe. Nahtaia screamed and took to the shrubs as Oren and Kale spread out in the other direction. The minotaur was after her. “Much easier to catch when bug have no wings,” he growled with a touch of pleasure in his tone, then swung his blade once more. Nahtaia dropped to her belly and felt the wind of the axe breathe on her back. She scrambled back up and kept running.
     “Do you know how it feels to be under faery power?” He rumbled.
     “It was your own fault!” She shouted over her shoulder, then slapped herself for speaking. The minotaur roared and swung his weapon again and Nahtaia saw she had no escape. She closed her eyes with a shriek as the blade cut the air. Instead of the sharp slice she expected, she was thrown to the grown then felt the wind beneath her. She opened her eyes and looked up to see Oren.
     “This is not the time to be opinionated, Bluebird,” he said as he lifted her away from the creatures. An angry roar from the minotaur resonated through the woods, shaking the weaker leaves from the branches.
     “What took you so long?” She cried.
     He dropped her in a bird’s nest just above the minotaurs’ reach, then flew back down, muttering, “‘what took you so long?’ You’re welcome.”

I hope you give Nahtaia a chance, a head on over to Amazon to find her story on Kindle and paperback!

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