Blogging – What’s the Point?

Blogging. So many people are doing it these days, but what’s the point?

The answer to that depends on so many factors. Let’s talk about blogs…but, let’s be real about it.

Let me start with saying, just because you start a blog, doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful at driving any traffic to it. You might get 6 reads a week. You might get none. So it’s important to keep that in mind.

But, people make a living off of blogging!

Yeah, sure. Some do. But they started ten years ago, when blogging was the new, shiny thing. The chances of any of any of us making a living now with a blog isn’t very likely. Yes, it’s possible. But remember, we’re being realistic here.

Blogging is fun, and honestly, that’s the way people number_12_excited_typingshould start out — by enjoying the experience of it.

Find your passion, or something you like talking about, then stick to that.

I have a few different blogs, and each one has a different purpose. This one, in particular, is generally about writing. My work, ideas, newsletters…writing related topics.

I have another blog where I share life experiences and inner struggles. My “weird blog.” Anger, sadness, terrible things, and wonderful things are found there. Some people seek out blogs like that because they can relate, and finding someone with whom you can relate, can help you get through issues.

I have a parenting blog/lifestyle blog, where, to be honest, I haven’t written a thing in quite some time now. screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-1-58-28-pm

Lifestyle blogs can be about changing ones lifestyle if they’re suffering through something like depression, or disease. They can be about positivity and making life what you want it to be. They can be about religion. Politics. Adventure. Health. Parenting. Just life.

Book blogs are all about books. What you’re reading, what you’re not reading, reviews, author interviews, etc. This blog is not quite a book blog…it’s a mix of a book blog and a personal blog.

There are business blogs, niche blogs, journals, branding blogs, and the list goes on. You can do anything! The trick it putting your own flavor into your posts. Your own personal umph!

“Well, gee golly, Lilzor, what’s your umph?” Asks Georgie of the Ijustinventedhim Bloggy Readers from I’mnotkidding.


Eh heh heh…I’m still working on that one, George. Don’t get hasty on me, now.

In all honesty, I hardly get traffic through any of my blogs, and I run three! But that’s ok. I’m a writer, and writing is my release. My relief. My escape. It cools me down when I’m angry, or it heats me up when I’m lukewarm. It works wonders for my soul, and that’s my reason for blogging.

Find yours. The possibilities are endless.


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