First Page From Bounty of the Everdark

In case you’ve been wondering whether or not you want to bother with Bounty of the Everdark, I’ve decided to share the first page.

If you do decide you want to read more, you can find it on Amazon for $0.99!



Fobounty2r the dark elves of Jaydür, the shadows of the Everdark are their citadels and the closest thing they have to freedom. Their ebony skin blends with the night, making their every move naught but swaying eaves to the untrained eye. Their eyes and ears run aloft and distant, drawing in all knowledge of dwellers and travelers alike.
It was behind this shield of shadow that Lorel came to know of the planned attack upon Castle d’Oruth. Two dark elf hawkers, a goblin, and a man passed through the realm of her people, loud in their scheming and senseless in their traipsing, letting the whole forest know their design.
The branch she perched upon allowed neither creak nor crackle as she crawled through the boughs and descended the trunk to better see her company. It was only in moments like these that the perpetual dark was valued. Night in the Everdark was a constant and had been likened to the shadowy side of the North moon—talked of in whispers but an undesired destination for most. It was interesting that any man that was unable to blend with the murk would be walking within that wood, but there he was, associating with some of the lowliest creatures known in the realm. He was a traitor to his own kind and, judging by the pin hung upon his shoulder, to his own Queen.
“Within the fortnight, Queen d’Oruth passes through the Low Road,” the man explained to his companions. “She rides with a Priest from Burdsfilt, four Holy Men, and six soldiers. A party small enough to pass through unnoticed.”
The goblin knifed a rat scuttling by his foot and lifted it to his mouth with a rotting grin. “Maç’g eçk norlino lorinthak,” he laughed.
The man looked to one of the dänotei with a nauseated frown. “Drogan, I do not speak Lançir. What did the beast say?”
“That the woman is as stupid as you are,” replied Drogan, leaning on a birch. “Essentially.” He crossed his arms over his broad shoulders and scanned the trees above. He knew Lorel was there but he would not reveal her. He’d deal with her on his own time.


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