NEWSLETTER: I’m the kind of gal who stops the microwave at 1 second, just to feel like a bomb defuser.

I get a weird burst of adrenaline when I pick up certain books…even if I’ve already read them.

That’s part of the magic of books, I think. You can get excited about reliving the adventure, or the excitement, or even fear that comes with certain stories…

Yes, fear…you know, for you strange types that get a questionably high off things like stapling your arms to show off to the girls. (no, that doesn’t happen in the books I read or write, but I’m trying to reach some new audiences here, all right?)

My all time favorite fantasy series is The Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan. It’s the kind of writing I want to achieve, and has the kinds of fans I want to attract.

Yeah, ok, so it’s a series for kids. But you don’t understand — these stories are flippin’ wonderful! It’s just as fun for adults who want something lighter, but are still looking for a sense of excitement. There are jokes in there for the adults. You know, the things that will go over a kid’s head until he gets older. Like the way they do in animated movies these days.

BUT, GUYS! It has everything for a person like me…someone who doesn’t care for real life drama or profanity. Someone who doesn’t care to read about romance. Someone who enjoys a good, old, fantasy story with adventure and curiosities that only come from other worlds. Battles against creatures of the imagination, or even against bullies.

The Ranger’s Apprentice is a series I recommend to random parents in a book store. To random kids I might talk to in my day-to-day. BECAUSE IT’S A WONDERFUL SERIES, NO MATTER THE FEAR I MAY INSTILL IN THE CHILDREN AS I, THE STRANGER, GET GIDDY AND WEIRD ABOUT THE BOOKS.


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