Dominion Rising: 22 Bestselling Author Boxed Set


Source: Dominion Rising: 22 Bestselling Author Boxed Set

Remember when I started Death Plague a couple of years ago, but had to abandon the project to focus on my main Healers novels? Well, this year I’m writing it again, and it’s going to be featured among some incredibly and talented authors, in fact, 22 of them!

The best part is, all these books — this entire boxed set– is available for only 99cents! They are all ORIGINAL CONTENT — this means the stories have NEVER been published before.

The pre-orders are already available (see below), except for Amazon (because Amazon only allows a 3 month pre-order), so in May, I’ll post the pre-order to link so you can purchase.

This bundle is full of New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers, but it’s also a wonderful mix of speculative fiction including Medieval, Epic, and Contemporary Fantasy, and many shades of Science Fiction. There will be something in this boxed set to suit your tastes, I guarantee it, and if not, there’s the prequel Death Plague, the beginning of both the Klawdia Series, and the Healers Series!

Grab it now! Release date August 8th, 2017. Tell your reader friends, this bundle is going to be big! (Literally and figuratively) 😉


Amazon: Coming in May!

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