NEWSLETTER: I Shan’t Insult You Today. Free Books & Promos!

Books have changed.

Look. I know I just talked about kids/teen books a couple issues ago, but this is a bit different. I wanted to share an author that tickles me pink, because he’s put something a little different out there.

From the days of stories being purely moral and censored for the eyes of the innocent child, we now have kids that are smarter than their parents want to admit. Times are changing, and the prepubescent little hellions are demanding more intelligent writing.

In today’s issue of Beneath the Oake Tree, I want to focus on the authors and stories we can happily pass down to the youngens that will no doubt grow into the obnoxious teachers, doctors, and politicians of tomorrow. If these are the things they are to become, shall we not bestow upon them the wonders of fantasy and adventure? Maybe, teach them important lessons of life through good books of swords and magic and dragons!


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