NEWSLETTER: The sinking of the Titanic was a miracle to the lobsters in the ship’s kitchen.

Life comes down to perspective.
  • To one person, making $40k a year is a reason to whine and complain, but to another, it would be survival.
  • To one person, makeup needs to be washed off at night because it’ll smear. To another, yesterday’s eyeliner can be today’s smokey-eye.
  • To one person, an empty glass bottle is trash on the table, but to another, it’s the perfect weapon– well…*ahem* never mind that. Moving along.
Dark fantasy is a delightful example of this. As my better half, Joshua Robertson, is a dark fantasy author, I get the front row seat to reviews and emails he receives about his work. Sometimes, a reader will say they couldn’t finish a book because of the “horror scenes.” I’m left wondering what horror scenes they’re finding, because I never found any in Joshua’s books! I assume it’s the war scenes, but, to me, violence found in war scenes is not considered horror. A character being tortured in a torture chamber is much more like horror to me.
Keywords: “to me.”
I’ve spoke to others who call horror scenes simply, “colorful.”
…   …   …

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