NEWSLETTER: Waking Up This Morning Was An Eye-Opening Experience

Gawd I hope I didn’t mess anything up in this issue.

I apologize for the mistake I made in the last issue with Kim Iverson’s new release. I am reeeaaally trying to get this newsletter under control. It’s just hard sometimes with so much information!

Things are happening.
Lots of things.
I’ve updated my own site this last week, and now have a page for Upcoming Events. I’ll be attending a few fun things like

  • the Pensacola Comic Convention in Florida this August.
  • the Soda City Comic Con a week later.
  • a book signing on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (May 6th) at Parker Banner Kent & Wayne here near Huntersville, NC.

And there’s more! I’ll continue updating my page as events come up.


Joe Compton’s GO INDIE NOW posted an interview with ME! Yay! You get to see awkward little ol’ me on a video interview! The bit with me starts at 1:02:00. Watch it HERE!

Bounty of the Everdark received a FIVE STAR REVIEW from Reader’s Favorite…


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