Worthy of the Honor

I’m considered an indie writer now.

This is not the route I intended to go, not that it’s a bad one. It’s really not! In fact, according to many, I’m doing what will make me more money in the end.

Awesome. That’s cool! Still, it’s not the route I have ever wanted to go.

I’ve always dreamed of traditionally publishing with one of the big 5 publishing houses. Is it because “their books are better?” Not at all. I’ve read some incredible books from indie authors that deserve much more recognition than they receive, and I’ve read some pretty bad books published by the big 5 as well.

My desire for traditional publishing has nothing to do with money. It doesn’t have to do with popularity. For me, personally, to be published traditionally would be like being knighted. It’s not just gaining fame–it’s being honored as a writer.

“But you can be an honored writer as an indie as well.”

I agree! And I do know some indie authors that are highly esteemed, but it’s something more personal than that, I think. For me. It’s not the same.

The big 5 have been around for so many years. They’re like castles in the modern age…and I want to live in the castle. I want the towering walls, full of editors and cover designers and agents that invest every waking moment of their career to books.

Not everyone understands why so many still desire to be traditionally published rather than self or small in this day and age. It’s about so much more than fame or fortune. For many of us, it’s more personal than all that; it’s about being worthy of the honor.

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  1. I don’t think many of us start off wanting to be indie. Something in the equation pushes us to go this route, be it lack of opportunity, desire for creative control, or what have you. I’ve heard many things about the money I can make eventually and more often than not focus on the joy of writing since the numbers aren’t there.

    I don’t necessarily need to be with one of the big 5, but I wouldn’t mind being published by someone who can help in the process of promotion, cover design, and finding me author events.

    As for the quality of reads, I agree that I’ve read some foul books from both sides of the pond. Although I normally don’t pay attention to what naysayers have to say, being published by someone would be some sort of validation especially to the eyes of some people who write me off for being indie. For me if I were able to achieve everything I want as an indie, I wouldn’t need a traditional publisher. But often it feels as if some of those goals can be easier through other means.

    For me, getting traditionally published is a means to an end to be honest. My goal is to get read by as many people as possible and to see my books in series or movies or maybe even a videogame. I’m also interested in doing some more experimental writing and modes of storytelling. Again, all this is easier if you don’t have to worry about the money as much. Then again, if I win the lotto, the lookout world. 😀


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