Recent News and SPFBO-2017

Joshua Robertson

Happy Friday!

Thank you to the thousands of folks who downloaded my free books last week. I am looking forward to your reviews. The traffic definitely helped my author ranking on Amazon, which was pleasant to watch unfold. Thank you for that support!

I also appreciated those who e-mailed me over the weekend to compliment my works, and wish me a Happy Birthday this month. It has been surreal thinking four years ago, no one knew my name, and now I get fan mail from people all over the world. Makes me blush, honestly.


L.F. Oake and I had a great time at our book signing last Saturday in Cornelius, NC. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of fans/readers who came out to see us, and who were already stalking us through social media. Your excitement definitely drives our motivation to keep writing books.

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