Newsletters and Connecting With Me

Hey all!

As you can tell, I’ve been MIA with this whole blog thing. I send out newsletters now, so the blog is kind of muddled in the shadows as of late.

I am still alive.

I am still on Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram. I kind of updated my Google Plus, though I still don’t use it, nor do I see myself starting to use it any time soon. (How can I keep up?)

Here are some links for things to see, and catch up on.

Keep in mind, my newsletter and Facebook are the two ways to keep as closely connected as possible. I’m kind of always there, and I always respond to messages and emails. My latest newsletter can be found here, before you decide to sign up: Issue 18.

Sign Up For My newsletter: Beneath the Oake Tree

Twitter: @lf_oake

Facebook: Lilian Oake

Instagram: @lilianoake

Google Plus: Lilian Oake


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