Let’s Hear It For YouTube Talents

All right, guys. I’m going to talk this YouTube channel up a bit.

No, not mine.

But this channel, Everness. I have spent my last week working on a short story for an anthology I’m taking part in. The entire last week, I did’t realize the music I was listening to was all coming from the same channel. And it’s beautiful! (it’s music from Skyrim and WoW…duh!)

An intense amount of time is needed to make just one of these videos, and I am so, so appreciative. My job is so much easier when I have the proper mood-setting. If I can fully immerse myself into my world, I write better and I write faster. Some may not realize just how important these music/video-talents on YouTube are…but they’re important, guys! And they need some recognition!

I mean, most of you know about my friend, Peter Gundry, who I am constantly promoting. My last 3 books were written while listening to his music, and I am still using it!

Writers, readers, and nappers…take a moment and visit Everness on YouTube.



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