3.7 Million Hits on Nahtaia – But WHO IS SHE?


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Nahtaia: A Jaydürian Adventure received 3.7 million hits since I first posted on Wattpad back in 2010. This story is the foundation that I built my fanbase from. From Nahtaia, I’ve received messages from parents, teachers, kids, and teens. A 7th grade classroom in Mexico even used Nahtaia as a class reading project and sent me their book reports! (click a pic!)

Readers from all over the world have shared their art, their thoughts, and feelings towards Nahtaia with me. Readers from Ghana, Nigeria, Thailand, New Zealand, India, the Middle East, and of course the US and Canada have been reached by this little adventure. (and even more!)

Publishing Nahtaia means so much to me, even though the story is a WATTPAD edition, which means it is published AS-IS from Wattpad.

Nahtaia, Fan art by reader

Yes, straight from Wattpad. Yes, it is raw. Yes, there will be errors. But I promised readers since 2010 that ONE DAY, I would offer Nahtaia as a paperback this way before professionally editing.
Why? Because there were fears the story would be too changed after working closely with an editor, and most of my readers are teens who don’t seem to care about what plot holes there might be–they just want the story, the way they experienced it when I first put it out there.

Will I edit and re-release? YES! When? Wouldn’t you like to know! 😜

Nahtaia was originally written as an offshoot of a novel I was getting published back then. (it’s no longer on the market, but currently being rewritten!)

Nahtaia in the Glass Jar, fan art

The little blue faery was a minor character in that novel that really only appeared in two scenes, but, as a way to draw in readers to my coming series of Jaydür, I gave life to the little nuisance!

Why the Title Change?

I decided to change the book’s title for a silly reason. To better the chances of younger boys picking it up! Whether I like to believe it or not, boys are more likely to skip over a book with the word “faery” in it, which, is understandable. But I want the world to know that Nahtaia is most definitely boy-reader-friendly! There’s humor, adventure, and even battles in this tale! So don’t hesitate grabbing a copy for the younger guys in your life!

What’s Nahtaia about?

Nahtaia is a moon-faery of Jaydür. All faeries of Jaydür have an ability, and it just so happens that Nahtaia has the greatest of them all–distortion. That means she can change anything– the size, color, shape of herself.

Nahtaia is captured by a young, human boy named Willeim. Willeim is part of a family Nahtaia’s been masquerading as a human around, but, being yet at the age of innocence and imagination, Willeim is able to see her for what she is. Nahtaia’s attempt to escape Willeim ends with the older, human brother, Kale, shrunken to her size. What she’s done is forbidden, and this isn’t the first time she’s done such a thing, so Nahtaia ends up with her magic and wings being stripped from her by the powers that be–The Voices of Jaydür.

Oren, a pine faery who’s been trying to keep Nahtaia out of trouble for most of her life, art8tries to help Nahtaia find a way to return Kale to his true size, before the leaders of the fae (back in the faery city of Lyra) discover what she’s done. If they do find out, not only will Nahtaia remain wingless and magicless, but she will be banished or even executed for what she’s done.

So the adventure begins! Moon-faery Nahtaia, Pine-faery Oren, and miniscule-human Kale go deep into the woods to find one of the great four Voices of Jaydür (ahem, the “powers that be”) to try to get everyone back to normal.

I’d like to say THANK YOU  to all of my readers over the years. If not for you, I wouldn’t have made it this far in the world of books.

Wattpad, thank you for working so closely with me to make sure that Nahtaia’s story was shared and heard around the world.

I will never be more thankful.

With love,


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