Who Are The Voices of Jaydür?

I created the Voices of Jaydür with my best friend when we were in middle school.

Resemblance to Naoni, Voice of Folc. (artist unknown)

It was under a different name back then, which some of my readers know about. The ones that knew me since Nahtaia’s start. But that’s not important. I’m not here to talk about what was; I’m here to talk about what will be!

The first book in The Chronicles of Jaydür should be released in April 2018, and since it’s all I’ve been talking about on all of my social media platforms for some time now, it’s time you understand a bit more of who the Voices are.

The Voices are four ageless elves that aided in the creation of the world of Jaydür. Each one is represented by one of the four natural elements, and their main purpose is to keep the natural balance of Jaydür. The elves of Jaydür are all descendants of the Voices, though only a few carry the Eled’hwehn, or what is known as “the Elven Light,” which is basically a hyped up version of empathy. The elves that do not carry the eled’hwehn cannot become a Voice if anything should happen to them.

As for the Voices keeping balance, the facts of the universe are these:

“To every good, there is an evil. To every light, there is a shadow. The Voices are charged with making certain that the balance is kept, because if it’s thrown off-kilter, then the bad overwhelms the good. Things that thrive in the dark, spread. The good dies and is left to rot. With rot comes disease over the realms, and returning Jaydür to a place of peace would be near impossible.”

Darkness overshadowing good in the world is a theme throughout the Chronicles of Jaydür. It’s a struggle of the main character, as well as among the people of all the different realms–including earth. (yes, you’ll see earth! The Chronicles of Jaydür is a portal fantasy!)

So here’s a bit of info about the Voices. I hope they make more sense to you now. They’re essentially elemental goddesses. They’re mediators that choose to intervene in certain troubles between people/creatures, kind of how you would imagine guardian angels. They come and go, traveling between dimensions, and keep an eye on the balance of worlds, so life continues to thrive.

Caia ForieiNow imagine a patient, kind, elvish woman with wisdom that spans oceans being replaced by a young elvish teen who has never seen much beyond the forest she grew up in. A girl who has never witnessed war or true suffering, and is very much attached to her life and those that are a part of it. That’s where the Chronicles of Jaydür begins.


The Chronicles of Jaydür begins April 2018.


*Disclaimer: I do not own any of the above images. I have used them with express permission from the artists.


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