Tips for Self Publishing

Within the last sixteen or so years, self publishing has been ushering stories into the world. But many are misled by the concept of self publishing: it’s not easy, and it’s not fast. I hope some of these tips for self publishing help you understand what you may be doing right, or could be doing better. …

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About The Dragon Cager

The Dragon Cager was is something of a cornerstone in my writing career. The story idea came to me quickly and out of nowhere, and I finished the first draft within a few weeks. It was the project I had the opportunity to work with a “big name” in publishing with, and it seriously kicked …

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How to Make a Fantasy Map

I’m going to give you all the run-through of how to make a fantasy map, by sharing how Jaydür came to be. The fantasy map brings in more readers than any spoken elevator pitch has, so I see it as an investment totally worth it. When I decided it was time to find a cartographer, …

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