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best high fantasy booksL.F. Oake is a bestselling author in teen fantasy and is known mostbest high fantasy books for Nahtaia: A Jaydürian Adventure, which boasts a whopping 3.7 million online reads. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, she moved to North Carolina where she writes full time and is hard at work on her next series, The Chronicles of Jaydür. When she’s not writing, she’s educating her horde of goblins in the ways of Middle Earth and Narnia along with her better half, Joshua Robertson.

Best high fantasy book


The long version.

I published Nahtaia: A Jaydürian Adventure in 2010 on a website called Wattpad. It was meant as an initial introduction to Jaydür and some of the major races there, like the faeries, the humans, and a few lesser known creatures like minotaurs, earth movers, and pixies. It was a pretty big success and reached 3.7 million hits online. I officially published it a few years later and rebranded it in 2017.best high fantasy book

Within the world of Jaydür, I continued writing short stories like An Ogre’s Tale, Bounty of the Everdark, and The Thorn Witch, all in preparation for the big release of the first book in a major series called, The Chronicles of Jaydür.

The first book in The Chronicles of Jaydür releases this past April. The Lost Voice is the first book in astory I began writing when I was fourteen years old. It takes place in the world of Jaydür which I created with my best friend when we were thirteen.

I hope you enjoy any time you decide to spend in the world, whether it be pre-Chronicles or the during the actual Chronicles of Jaydür.