Untitled design (2)Whoa, WHOA now! You want my bio? Shouldn’t you start with a hello, at least?

Ok, fine. I’ll be gracious.

I am Lilian. L.F. Lilzor. Lilith. Lithua. Cthulhuette. Pick one. I shall respond.

I write books. Fantasy stuff that parents don’t have to freak out over their kids reading. But FUN stuff, so kids don’t have to freak out over the junk their parents are throwing at them.
Really. I know parents who only let their kids read “serious” stuff. Fantasy-loving kids who get away with reading Percy Jackson only because they tell their parents it’s a book about Greek mythology. Those kids. Poor things. KIDS! I write fun stuff! Adventures and sword fights and killer pixies and stuff!

Check me out at my website, or on Facebook, or on Twitter. I promise I’m just as interesting and likely to make you feel uncomfortable there as I am here!

Outside of my writing, I am Queen of the Goblin Horde! The Goblin Horde is a safe-haven for nerds, nerd parents, parents of nerds, wherever you may fall! Check us out on youtube and PLEASE subscribe!

I have a few blogs, as you’ll find at the top of my site. The Goblin Castle will be more of a momblog where you’ll see our adventures with the goblins, recipes, ideas for the kids, etc. Queen’s Insight is more personal to me and will probably read more like a journal. You’ll find I touch a lot on the topics of domestic violence and religion’s part in that.

Feel free to reach out and contact me!





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