Sacrifice in Being a Creator

The Sacrifice in Being a Creator

There is more to being a full-time creator than what’s on the surface. It’s not just pacing around the house, plotting out your next book, or sitting at a table with your easel before a great view. There is more. The sacrifice in being a creator is something that might surprise many. Let’s start with …

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Editing Tips for Pantsers

Editing Tips for Pantsers

So you’re the most unorganized writer in the history of writers. Hello brothers and sisters. Welcome to my world. Let me share your pain and offer some editing tips for pantsers. You may have recognized by now that you don’t realize how unorganized you truly are until it comes to editing. Yes, you have written your story. …

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Sources for Writing Help

Sources for Writing Help

Writing is a craft and a craft takes time and practice to hone. It’s not always easy to know what sources are truly helpful, though. If you have a true passion for writing and are actively seeking a way to better your writing career, check out these cool Sources for Writing Help!   Plot Perfect …

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Tips for Self Publishing

tips for self publishing

Within the last sixteen or so years, self publishing has been ushering stories into the world. But many are misled by the concept of self publishing: it’s not easy, and it’s not fast. I hope some of these tips for self publishing help you understand what you may be doing right, or could be doing better. …

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About The Dragon Cager

The Dragon Cager

The Dragon Cager was is something of a cornerstone in my writing career. The story idea came to me quickly and out of nowhere, and I finished the first draft within a few weeks. It was the project I had the opportunity to work with a “big name” in publishing with, and it seriously kicked …

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How to Make a Fantasy Map

how to make a fantasy map

I’m going to give you all the run-through of how to make a fantasy map, by sharing how Jaydür came to be. The fantasy map brings in more readers than any spoken elevator pitch has, so I see it as an investment totally worth it. When I decided it was time to find a cartographer, …

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Rise of the Elders Cover Reveal

rise of the elders jaydur

That’s right, guys! Rise of the Elders, book 2 in The Chronicles of Jaydür is coming this Fall! I have been dying–DYING–to share the cover, because it’s one my all time favorites so far. Check it out! What do you think? Cover art was done by Vlad Botos. Typography by Venkatesh Sekar at Thank …

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