The Lost Voice - Signed


The Lost Voice - Signed 00004
The Voices of Jaydür have been murdered. When an immortal bodyguard named Archai brings news of their deaths, Caia Foriei is summoned to leave everyone she loves behind and assume the heavy mantle of her divine ancestor. But it’s not so easy. The sinstarians want the young soon-to-be Voices dead, and they’ll murder anyone in their path to get their way. To protect her from the growing threat to the Voices, Caia’s memories are shielded and she is hurled into another realm. In short time, Jaydür’s godless land and people plunge into decay and despair as Caia tries to recall who she once was and who she was meant to become. Though her memories are scattered, time is running short, and with Archai’s guidance, she must find a way to reconnect with her forgotten bloodline and remember her past, or all of Jaydür will crumble to ruin.
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