Languages of Jaydür

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Elvish is not the only language spoken in Jaydür but it is the one used most throughout the Jaydür series and inherently most important. The entire language is not yet finished but as I work, more translations will be added here and soon a dictionary for the language of Lançir – or, the language of shadows, spoken by ümbrans, goblins and other evil creatures – will also be added. Let us begin!

First, know this:
A makes the “ah” sound.
ç makes the throaty, gargling sound like some Hebrew words.
dh makes the “th” sound.
R’s are rolled.
í sounds like “i” (eye)
I and i sounds like a long E. (knee, tea, sea, etc)
Ä makes the uh sound. (Uh-m-brella)

​Ü makes the oo sound.

*Nidholmen (neeth-öl-men) – “The Chosen” can also be used as a plural “you,” depending on the situation. Ex: used as “you” when speaking to the four Sages.

*Níha’men (n-eye-hahmen) – welcome/you are welcome
*It (eet) – to
*Bahlog – (bah-log)  are/have been
*Nahim (nah-heem) – mountain
*Iarnei (yar-nay)- carry
*Slanidh (slah-neeth) – river
*Tälmena (tuhl-may-nuh) – folly
*Aledhrinal – (all-eh-thrin-all) called/summoned
*Terehn (tehr-en)- “time spirits” – (see The Terehn in “The World” tab)
*Rehnedhen – (rehn-eh-then) – the name of the spirit parallel which includes the chambers where the Voices reside.

*Em – (em) – him
*Lem – (lem) – but/yet
*Sin – (seen) – in
*Fumen – (foo-mehn) – smoke
*Ín – (eye-n) – a/one
*Än – (uh-n) the
*ínmi – (eye-n-me) – heart

​*Apan (ah-pahn) – Water
*Folc (long O) – Fire
*Mae’Ehr (my-ehr) – Wind
*D’Irdda – (duh-ear-duh) – Earth

*Ni (nee) – you
*Nel (nell) – forsake/leave/gone
*Terdhen (tehr-then)- time

*En’Lumin – Elven light
*Maar (mahr) – forest
*Et – of
*Í (eye) – and
*Eni (eh-knee) – in/inside
*Uri – (oo-ree) – hate
*Noptei (nope-tay) – night
*Uridh (oo-reeth) – cry/cries
*Nobení – (no-behn-eye) death/the dead
*Serez (seh-rez) – see/to see/can see
*Am – (ahm) – being
*Sam (sahm) – I am
*Lendaç – (lehn-dock <~ guttural sound) – where/from which
*An – (ahn) – as
*Leg – (lehg) – tie/tied

*tür – (toor) – bond

*Dealuri (day-uh-lure-ee) – hills

*Vun’tur (vun-toor) – winds