Nahtaia: The Perpetually Offended Moon Faery

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That would be Nahtaia’s story, the blue moon faery who stars in her own tale, Nahtaia: A Jaydürian Adventure, a new fantasy for young adults, adults, and anyone above and below. It’s an introduction to the new fantasy world, Jaydür.
Nahtaia’s story is one for the world. There is no age level. If you can read, you’ll understand this book. If you can read out loud, your kid will understand this book. It’s adventure-driven, so you’ll get things like fights with killer-pixies, traveling underground on the back of a giant rat, a walk through a dank dungeon, and of course magic.
The story is about a moon faery named Nahtaia who accidentally shrinks a human boy. That sort of magic is forbidden in this new fantasy world, so her wings and her magic are immediately taken away by one of the four deities of Jaydür called, the Voices.
Nahtaia drags the human, Kale, along with her and a fellow faery, named Oren, on a quest to find the wind Voice of Mae’Ehr. With her personality, attitude, and expectations from life, everything that can go wrong pretty much does. And it’s not pretty.
As many of you know, Nahtaia is going through a rebranding.
The first time publishing it was done for the sake of the readers. A school in Mexico asked for a physical copy so they could read it to their class and do a book report. Then others from Wattpad asked if it would ever be an option. I really didn’t think it was going to be.
So, when I brought it up…I got yelled at. Readers were afraid that if I took it through the whole publishing process, they would lose their story. So, I published the “Wattpad edition” of the story–as is. Or, was.
Now, here we are with the new version coming out. The fully edited and reworked version.
I am blessed to have been allowed to work with an artist, Vlad Botos, who works with Blizzard Entertainment. Because of this book, I was given opportunities I never thought possible as an indie published author!
So, readers, I’m going to start building up some excitement for Nahtaia’s new release– starting with the cover reveal.
I would LOVE to know your thoughts on it!
Thank you all for hanging around as my stories grow! As well as my writing career.
(Go check out the Races of Jaydür!)

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