That’s right, guys! Rise of the Elders, book 2 in The Chronicles of Jaydür is coming this Fall!
I have been dying–DYING–to share the cover, because it’s one my all time favorites so far. Check it out! What do you think?

best high fantasy books

Cover art was done by Vlad Botos.
Thank you again, guys. Your work is magic!
best high fantasy books
The esgal’hehn is taking hold…
But it’s taking more than just Caia’s sight.

The blind can see more than you think in Rise of the Elders, part two in The Chronicles of Jaydür.

Most frequently asked question: What is the esgal’hehn?
The esgal’hehn is a process in which a seer loses their sight to gain the ability to see through time and space. It is a temporary phase that can span anywhere from 2 weeks to years, depending on the person undergoing it.
For a Voice, a god of Jaydür, it is the period in which incredible (magical) abilities are brought to the surface of the mind. Astral projection, certain kinds of manipulative abilities (kinesis), and of course visions of the past, present, and future.

IntriguedDon’t forget to read book 1, The Lost Voice! If you need a different format than what Amazon has to offer, get your copy here!


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