Sapients of Jaydur

Sapients of Jaydür

The Sapients are the immortal bodyguards of the Voices. They devote their lives to the service and protection of the gods. Archai is the main Sapient in The Lost Voices…and there’s only two! The people of Jaydür actually question the existence of Sapients because they’re rarely on the same dimensional plane–they’re on the “other side of the veil.” Unseen. Unheard. Their place is at the side of the Voices, keeping any kind of negative energies or spirits at bay.

Archai is the first Sapient you meet in the series.


Archai. He’s infuriating. He’s kind. He’s cold. He’s the one you want around when anything goes wrong. Well…except emotions. This guy can’t handle emotions, which kind of puts him in a pickle when Caia, the replacement of the recently murdered Voice of Apan, is a an empath with emotional attachments.



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“Your mind, Caia,” Archai went on, “is so deeply-rooted into this world. You see through the eyes of expectation, and assumption. From birth, you’ve been told what to feel and how to react. Kick when you’re angry. Cry when you’re sad. Sit there, and take your daily failures like slaps to the face, then put your mask back on to hide the pain knowing well enough there will be more blows tomorrow.” Archai ran a hand through his silver hair and dropped an octave. “You humans are weak. You fail–daily–by not ridding yourselves of the mask when it’s the single thing in all this world that causes the pain in the first place.”