About The Dragon Cager

The Dragon Cager was is something of a cornerstone in my writing career. The story idea came to me quickly and out of nowhere, and I finished the first draft within a few weeks. It was the project I had the opportunity to work with a “big name” in publishing with, and it seriously kicked my writerly confidence into the next level.

Pride and Prejudice meets Dragonlance!

If you don’t know anything about it, let me share! I’ll try not to take up too much of your time.

The Dragon CagerThe Dragon Cager takes place in an alternate nineteenth century England where men called Cagers can turn into dragons. Evie, a maid servant in the Governor’s home, is framed and exiled by the Governor’s son. After being thrown out into dragon country, a cager named Lachlann finds her and tries to help her. But Evie’s been raised to believe that cagers earn the trust of their victims before eating them, so you can imagine the struggle that would follow.

I officially published June of 2017, and The Dragon Cager is currently one of my best sellers.

This book is a pretty clean read with some romantic elements, but it’s snarky romance, not the cheesy, mushy stuff. The language is clean as well. Now that I think of it, I think the worst you’ll find is a morning wood joke.

What are readers saying about The Dragon Cager?

  • This was a fast paced, well developed adventure. I loved the concept of a Dragon Cager, the blood of dragons running through your veins, allowing you to use magic. The main character goes through a trying beginning, and is outcast from her village. She runs in with a cager, a dragon, and she is scared for her life. However, Cagers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. She develops a friendship, and together, they help fight against the corruption of the villages, all tied together in a political struggle of Cagers and Humans.
    I’m eagerly awaiting book 2!



  • An exceptional book with fun and interesting characters.
    All Evie wanted was a simple, good life with the man of her dreams, her first love, the governor’s son. Instead she was exiled and sent on a road of discovery, betrayal, and magic to find the truth behind the lies she had been told her entire life. Nothing was as it seemed. Not even the magical half man half dragon, the dragon cager, that went along with her. Not even Crag, the adorable dragon imp that could talk directly into her mind. But even worse, somehow her own family was mixed up in the plot that sent her down the dangerous road. And until she finds her mother she won’t know why.

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